Monday, August 12, 2013

classroom 2013-'14

We aren't planning to begin school until after Labor Day.  We haven't done any school work for weeks now (except piano, reading and field trips).  The girls needed a break and I did too.  So, I have been filling my days with de-cluttering, donating, buying and selling.

There isn't much of a change this school year as far as the layout of the classroom (last years' room) except we took the easel out of the room and installed a white board on the wall.  (The easel is in the shed, Boo's "playhouse".) Ben took down the chandelier (since a Realtor would classify the room as a dining room) and installed a ceiling fan.  We brought the floor pillows from the living room for lounging and reading.  I took down the large maps that we could only see when we climbed on top of a stool, we prefer a globe.  I also turned the bulletin boards sideways.
I am sure this year will probably be the last year the girls will use the antique school desks.  No worry I will save them for the boys, but have already been scouring Pinterest for ideas for when I am home schooling  four instead of just two.

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