Wednesday, June 26, 2013

end of school year gift

My husband gets me, sometimes it takes a breakdown, but most of the time he figures it out and nails it on the head.  A few weeks ago we were in Fredericksburg for a family reunion when he surprised me by taking me to our favorite restaurant, The Nest. During dessert, he surprised me again and told me the kids were taken care of for the evening and we would be staying in a bed and breakfast outside of town.  I cannot tell you how much a night away helped to unwind from the craziest year of  home school, and parenthood that we have had.  I don't mean in a bad way, just busy with six different lives all intertwined.  We spent the evening on the back porch in a hot tub, slept in till 9 am. and spent the rest of the morning on the front porch in over-sized rocking chairs.  Thank you, honey.  I needed that.

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