Friday, June 28, 2013

Camp Mimi

This past week, my dad went to Nebraska for the College World Series for Father's Day with my brothers.  The girls decided they would go stay with Mimi so she wouldn't be all alone.
The week started off with a trip to their favorite treasure store, lots of books and some new clothes, followed by lots of yummy eats, no school work or chores.  The girls went to my friend's church for her VBS and were able to meet with cousins, Adom and Cameron.  The girls had an absolute blast.  They visited countries all over the world, ate great snacks, did science experiments, had pizza and a splash party.
After VBS one day, they had a sleepover with Adom and Gigi and went to see Epic.
But the big news of the week was LE learned to sew.  She made two pairs of pajama pants for R2 and Boo and a pillowcase.

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Cari said...

I hope the girls had fun! They were so sweet when I saw them! I love that you keep learning during the summer - isn't that the point of homeschool? That we are continuously learning? Really working hard to get Carlyes curriculum in place for the fall - I'm so much more comfortable (and excited) about teaching her this year!