Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I am a strong believer that education happens all of the time when you homeschool.  I don't consider workbooks to be required for learning to happen.  I have actually been working my hardest this past school year to eliminate as many workbooks as I can from our daily schedule.
A few weeks back we told the kids to load up in the car as they were going upstairs to get ready for bed.  They were totally bum-founded and even more confused when we drove into Sonic for half-priced milkshakes.  We drove to downtown Round Rock to see the Mexico Free Tailed bats come out of the I35.  The kids loved the experience.  There is now a volunteer to answer questions onsite.  And, let me tell you my little sponges had some questions.  We got home about 9 pm, but the girls asked if they could journal about what they learned!!!  How could I possibly deny that moment?  The next day we made a trip to the local library for as many books on bats as we could check out.  

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