Tuesday, February 05, 2013

our new church

We have been without a "home" church for almost a year.  It has been such a difficult task with six people to consider, and we did not take the decision lightly.
The first church we visited I really liked, but no one else was on board, church #2 was good and probably worth a 2nd visit, but too far, church #3 was a great fit for the kids, but the parental units were not longing to return.  Church #4, the kids enjoyed, but knew right away it was not the right fit for the family.  Church #5 Ben and I LOVED, but it was even farther and seemed to have red flags that we originally tried to over look.  Church #6 Ben and I instantly felt connected to; incredibly laid back, Spirit-filled, amazing worship, amazing life-giving word, not flashy, not perfect, but home.
The girls have been a little apprehensive b/c they really liked church #3.  I mean that church gets kids.  Amazing set up, powerful worship for kids, bright colors, great word, great take-homes and Vacation Bible School, and very, very close to our home.

A question I have asked of each church I have attended in the past few years was answered this week in the way I needed it answered.  During the final moments of service the lady sitting to the right of Ben began answering the pastor.  You know what I mean, "Amen, Yes, Sir" type answering.  From the sound of her voice and her dialect I could tell she was an older African-American woman.  But my favorite part was as the pastor released us, She answers him out loud, "Thank you, that was good preachin'"  I look over and the lady next to Ben was a homeless woman.  It was the most amazing thing to know she was welcome and it didn't matter what she was wearing or how she looked.  That is a church I want to be a part of.

You can hear this week's sermon here.  It was the most freeing message I have ever heard on giving.


Mrs. Jenk said...

Hooray- you know I know what this is like! I am glad you found one you all can grow in. Are you going to St. John's? Our SS teachers kids go to Austin Stone downtown and love it!

Shileen Karnes said...

I love that church too.