Thursday, February 21, 2013

Austin Children's Museum

Either we have high standards for children's museums or the other museums in the area are far superior, but we were very disappointed in the Austin Children's Museum.  I heard they are opening a new one, let's just hope it is bigger and they update their exhibits more than once every ten years.  I went when I was teaching and only one room had changed since.
R2 enjoyed the play kitchen and trains, Ben and the girls enjoyed the engineering room and HR and I hung out and watched all of the loud children.
There were 5 buses out front when we arrived, by noon they had left, but by then we were hungry, tired and had visited every room at least twice.

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Austin Children's Museum said...

We're sorry that you were disappointed with your experience. We want a better museum for the community too, which is why we’re currently in a capital campaign to build a new home at Mueller. The new facility will provide for an entirely different visitor experience, with activities that change daily, twice the square footage, free parking and more. It’s a juggling act to raise funds to maintain an aging facility at the same time we try to fund raise for a new one, so we appreciate your patience in our transformation and encourage you to learn more at\newacm.aspx