Monday, February 04, 2013

new park in the area

Have you been to the Play for All-Abilities Park in RR?  I heart this park.  It is clean, it is huge, clean bathrooms, has something for everyone, completely fenced in, and lots of shade.  We have been several times with the home school group and this last family day we went after church and had a family picnic.
There is sand to dig in, a music station, more sand to dig in, LARGE playscape, a mini replica of RR buildings for the kids to zip through on scooters and bikes (but I think bikes should  be left at home unless they are little kids).
We have been attending a new church and the parental units really, really like it, but the girls prefer the last church we visited.  I will admit the kid's ministry was amazing at the last church, but it was not a good fit for the entire family.  We challenged the kids whoever met the most people at church that morning could pick the lunch for our picnic.  They also had to remember their names.  score:  Daddy - 1, Mama - 2, LE - 2, Boo-7!  She walked out of her class so proudly and started popping of new friends' names.  Her input for lunch - cheetos, thanks Granny.

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Courtney said...

Thank you dear stranger for your wonderful comment on my blog. (you found my blog whilst looking for beans in a jar). Funny thing, we just did that experiment again today with the kids again, now that the next few are older.
Honestly, 4 kids was a breeze, but 6 has been a kick in the pants.
What a great idea to switch off babysitting.