Tuesday, February 16, 2010

our new family member

Meet Leonardo! One of my favorite parts of my new job is that we have decided to sponsor another child in Mozambique.
He is almost 5 years old and attends the XaiXai Mercy Center where the church we are building is almost complete! He lives in a bamboo hut with a tin roof made of sheet metal. An oil lamp is their only source of electricity. He lives with his mother and she is currently unemployed. We love to pray for him and his mother. It is one of the greatest honors to know he will have a daily meal, medicine and soon be able to attend school.

*My friend, Isaac took this picture. I asked him why all of the children in Mozambique have frowns. He said the young children are still scared of the white folks!! I cannot wait for this Christmas, Ben and I both plan to travel to Mozambique to help host their Christmas parties.


mary.mimi said...

Send hello to Leonardo, from his new M&P!!! You guys never cease to amaze me..GOD BLESS the lives you are changing, yours and his. MIMI

mary.mimi said...

And he is a cutie, soon he will have a reason to smile, waiting for that pix.