Thursday, October 08, 2009

prayer request

So, I leave in 3 days - THREE DAYS! I had to take my suitcase to the church last night, so that is marked off my list, now to just enjoy my kiddos and hubby for these last few days before I jet set to my THIRD continent to serve the Lord on. I am getting so excited about this trip. At first I was not, just kept wondering what in the world I was doing signing up? I want to go to AFRICA, not Europe. Then, I had a realization - If I had a plan it would be far less than what the Lord can plan. So, I am just trusting Him - going into all the nations to preach HIS name, that is what I am called to do, so let's do this thing. Going to love on some little ones, going to pray for some bigger ones and hopefully going to bless everyone, although I know in the end it will be me who gets blessed the most.

My prayer list:
- for the safety & health of my family - Ben, Landry and Bella
- for the safety & health of my team - Merissa, Mel, Diane, Scott, Karen, Christina, Larry, Chris and I
- my flight - I have developed this huge fear of flying, I really freaked myself out the last time I flew
- my ears - that my eardrums will QUICKLY and PAINLESSLY adjust to the altitudes on flight and landing
- to be His hands and feet
- to see the lost and hurting and discernment to handle all situations
- for our testimonies to touch lives
- for the percentages of unsaved in Romania to drastically change all b/c of a team from Georgetown, Texas
- for the rest of my funds to come in


annie's mom said...

praying with you dear friend!

JJthe1st said...

Bless you and praying for you. I will be surprised if you don't come back with about 50 kids. Hahaha!