Saturday, October 31, 2009

day 3- around town and business seminars

We spent the morning sight-seeing around Bucharest, including visiting the People's Palace. It is the second largest building in the world behind the Pentagon. Until 20 years ago, Romania was a Communist Country under the rule of Nicolae Ceausescu. He had the People's Palace built, but he was executed before he ever had a chance to occupy it. The building was supposedly constructed exclusively with Romanian marble, crystal and other materials. It was a very impressive structure. The people from Romania are not proud of the structure and may have never even been inside (many do not have the funds to pay the entry fee).
After touring the city we went back to the University where Chris, Scott and Larry did a seminar on business ethics for the students. They did an excellent job and Scott was able to share his testimony with the students at the end of the event. They were invited the next morning to share at a business coffee/breakfast hosted by an atheist.

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