Thursday, May 22, 2008

girls away, mommy play?

I met Ben's mom in Marble Falls this afternoon so the girls could have a weekend with the g-parents. I am already missing them and they have only been gone for like 7 hours. I think it is the Steven Curtis Chapman thing, can you imagine?? I have held back the tears tonight, but I have been keeping busy since I dropped them off, so we will see by the end of the blog if I am still tearless? Tonight, was 318. It was really good about I Peter - 3 John. A lot of info packed into two hours, but good stuff. I missed class last week and it was my favorite book in the bible - James. I am going to the gym tomorrow, volunteer at church, get my haircut cleaned up a tad, baby shower tomorrow night for Celeste ( I have been to 3 baby showers in 3 weeks), card class - Saturday a.m. date night Saturday night, Pastor Lori's usher Sunday a.m. so not much play time, but I do not have to pay a babysitter or drag my kids all over town. I miss you already, so Mimi or Gigi whoever reads this and is holding my girls, hug them, kiss them, squeeze them, tell them I love them and do not let them out of your sight!!

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