Thursday, May 29, 2008

answers to Bella trivia

In pic #1 Bella is posing for her pic. She watches me squat to take her pic, so she copies me. I have to be quick to catch her before she poses.

In pic #2 Bella is praying before dinner. If she has started eating before we pray, she just sticks her spoon in mouth for the prayer so we can hold hands.

In pic #3, Bella does not want to leave the park, so she is "hiding" from me. I guess if she cannot see me, I cannot see her.

She has also started to "fall asleep" in the car. When I go to get her out of the carseat, she closes her eyes and sits very still. I start kissing her and she does not flinch, it is bizarre how still she can sit.


Ms. W said...

I didn't even guess, b/c I could not imagine - given the obvious - what Bella was doing. :) Don'tcha love their personalities when the begin to come out?

Marcus & Anna said...

I get one point for prayer- everyone holding hands was my clue :) The posing is really cute!