Friday, May 27, 2016

last day of school 2015-2016

I have fallen victim to Instagram and thus my blog has been neglected.  As much as I love the easiness of Instagram, I love coming to the end of the year and reviewing our year. I also love seeing LE and Boo looking back at where we've been.  Thus, even though I know most have given up on blogs I will persevere.  Great, now I've got I will survive stuck in my head.
We wrapped up our official school year on May 26th.  Which means LE finished her elementary school career.  And when we begin in the fall I will have a junior high student, 5th grader and two beginning kindergarten.  Be still my heart, I am not sure how that is humanly possible.  We will continue to read and do Math U See during the summer.  We are participating in as many reading clubs as we can join, no complaints there.  I hope they can some day fall in love with their math books.

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