Monday, February 29, 2016

scavenger hunt with Dad

I went on a hunt with my sister and Dad.
It might have been the most fun I ever had.
We had to find lots of stuff.
But we didn't need a piece of fluff.

We counted our points and we had a big score.
195 points, no less and no more.
But much too soon the hunt came to an end.
What a great way to spend,
Our night. - LE

I loved our scavenger hunt.  We went to Bill Miller's BBQ (b/c it started with the same letter as my name, a task assigned).  We went to the park to take a picture.  We ate salmon and took a picture behind the seafood counter.  In the end, we got 195 points.
Then, I made myself a strawberry surprise ice cream.  So, that means it was AWESOME!! - Boo

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