Friday, February 26, 2016

Mimi and PawPaw 's Barn Home

If you haven't heard, my parents bought a 1930's farmhouse about a mile and a half from Ben's parents.  A few weeks ago, we took the kids for a weekend of projects as they had never seen the house.
My parents told us over the Thanksgiving holidays they were contemplating buying the fixer-upper.
Over the Christmas holidays we were able to get in the house for the first time and discovered the people were hoarders in every since of the word.  As in they hoarded their trash.  They were evicted and left this trash, years and years of trash.  There were three out buildings floor to ceiling trash, the plumbing stopped working so they used their chicken coop as a port-a-potty.  The house was full of trash.
Our first weekend to work on the house was the last weekend of January, so my parents had gotten all of the trash out of the inside, but the outbuildings were still full of trash.  Dad rented a bobcat to clear up the outside of the property and we had a burn party.  As we started hauling trash we discovered trash bags full of clothes, toys, and of course trash.  We found out the wrong way had fireworks in it, which had us stuck in the house until the explosions halted.
It was an all hands-on deck weekend.  HR's favorite job was pulling staples out of the shiplap.  The other kids helped haul paneling to the bonfire and metal to the scrap pile.

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