Thursday, July 23, 2015

mommy/son date

This monkey picked Starbucks for his date, well actually he picked PopStars as his date, and after many questions I figured he wanted to go where LE went for her date.  Thankfully he changed his mind when he discovered they only had coffee and tea and we ended up at Front Porch Yogurt.  We had time to kill after our yogurt and we headed north to the new Bass Pro Shop.
My adorable four year old caught me off guard when I tried to open his door and it was locked.  "It helps to unlock it, Genius" WHAT??  Where did you hear that?  "A movie"  Ok, well we won't be watching that movie again.  After picking my jaw off the parking lot and doing everything to not laugh at the same time we ventured into the "fish store" b/c he likes that name better than Bass Pro Shop.  He picked out his birthday gifts which isn't until December and walked the store on a scavenger hunt looking for animals.  
Even after a playdate with his bestie the same day, he told me his date was the best part of his day.  Love this goofy kid.

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