Monday, July 06, 2015

pre-teen camp 2015

The girls had the privilege of attending their first church camp this past week with our Legacy Kids.  Twenty-five kids from our church headed out last Sunday afternoon for four days to a nearby camp on the lake.  I don't remember camp being as action-packed as this camp was and I have already offered to be a chaperon next year.
When we arrived at church on Sunday to drop the girls off, Boo got emotional and decided she didn't want to go.  I ended up driving her and four other squealy girls.  By the time we got there, she was smiling and more relaxed about going.  I was at peace about leaving her.
Landry- Our cabins were pretty cool.  There were kids from our church that I didn't really know well, but I got to be good friends with them.  There were two other churches in our cabin, one small and another about the same size of ours.  I really liked lunch, dinner and breakfast.  They served great food.  Our preteen leader was really fun, Keith Coast.
Some of the activities included archery, BMX, Archer's Quest, swimming, human Foosball, a banana boat, shooting BB guns, and indoor crafts and video games, Gaga ball.
Bella- My favorite part was the indoor choice time and Gaga ball.  I slept on the bottom bunk, my bunk mate was Melanie.  We switched b/c we wished were on each other's beds.  My bunk neighbors were Abby and Emma.  I enjoyed bed time b/c we always got to rest and finally be together.

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