Tuesday, June 02, 2015


I only title this post as such b/c of my last entry.  Really I can think of lots of titles for this post.  #parentfail #tantrum #terribletwos #deathbyembarassment #twominutewarning #judged #lessonlearned

When Boo was three or four, several years ago, anyways; we were at a local high school spring concert.  We had sat through multiple bands and the girls were growing restless and I had threatened too many times to leave that it was becoming an idle threat.  As the band stopped, we began to leave the silent, very crowded, dark theater and my Boo begins to cry, "No, please Mama don't spank me".  All to the amusement of every adult in the audience, but not to the annoyed band director.  I thought I was going to die.  Really die.  But now, years later I can look back at that moment and laugh.  Because of that experience and the knowledge from that day, I write this epic fail of today's eating out disaster.

My friend, Natalie and I met with our eight children for lunch at Ikea.  Kids eat free on Tuesdays, so it is a popular spot for frugal home schooled families on Tuesdays.  I didn't get the memo that some schools were already out b/c the place was packed.  After lunch, Natalie and her crew went one way and we went the other.  The kids always like to stop and look at the kids' rooms on our way out.

Usually, I religiously give my kids a two minute warning before we head out, but today I forgot.  HR was in the middle of cooking something on a toy kitchen when I said it was time to go.  LE and Boo had already walked to an area ahead of us, so we needed to catch up with them.  This didn't matter to him, he was not ready to go and he let everyone in the kids' dept, correction everyone in IKEA know.  He threw himself on the floor and screamed.  I picked him up to carry him out and he continued to kick, scream, shout and cry.  Like through the entire half-mile trek back to the front of the store.  Of course, everyone looked at me with the same judgmental eyes that I stare with when I witness a child pitching a fit in public.  I was mortified.  Oh, did I mention I am wearing a brace on my left wrist to imobilize it?  And I had three other kids in tow?  Or how about that R2's shoes were untied?  So, it was even more of an epic moment when I stepped on the untied shoelace and caused him to fall, thus child #2 began crying.  Oh yeah, and we are only in the cabinet dept at this point.  

So, I learned something today.  NEVER EVER JUDGE another parent for their parenting choices.  I would have totally disciplined my child in public had it not been for big brother. So, if you happened to have been in IKEA today around 1 pm and heard the wailing of a child who sounded like they were being taken from the parent, it was me and my toddler who will think twice before pitching a fit in public again.  And a Mama who will remember to give a two minute warning from now on.  And yes, he got his as soon as we got into the privacy of our car.  Hopefully, he will not be eight before I can look back at this day and laugh.

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mary.mimi said...

I smile, because my sweet girl... you are just payin' for some of your raisin'
I however was not afraid of BB and would proceed to spank your little butt in public, which transfered the embarrassement to said child-offender.