Saturday, June 13, 2015

Leepers Day

Governor Abbott declared June 9, 2015 Leepers Day in the state of Texas. Leepers is the case of homeschoolers vs. the Arlingon School District in which parents were granted the right to home school their children.  We celebrated with 300 other homeschoolers at a local park over lunch, sandy and wet fun.
I messed up and didn't realize the sprinklers were not on during the week.  The kids were lathered in sunblock and in bathing suits for the day.  I noticed R2 laying on the ground disturbed b/c there was no water.  The parks guy noticed to and I mentioned I had prepped them for the water park.  Park Guy said, "what's a party without water?"  So, he turned the water on for us.  Not that I support pouting to get your way, but good job kiddo.  He was the hero of the party.

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