Friday, July 11, 2014

new fitness class- Power for Parkinson's

Earlier this summer, I was approached about teaching fitness classes for those living with Parkinson's Disease.  At first, my only thought was wow, they pay well, sure I can teach a class similar to what I am doing with my senior fitness classes.  The founder came to observe one of my classes at the church and asked if I would be interested in learning from other instructors as what I was doing would probably not work for the classes she had in mind.  I went to a class and did some online work and I quickly learned this was a different realm that I was stepping into.  My interest soon turned into fear b/c I was worried they would fall, I would not be able to be around "sick" people, and even pondered declining their offer.
Yesterday was our first class.  I was told to expect 3-6 people, but 14 came to participate.  And I am in love.  I have not been this exited about pursuing something new since I taught my first silver sneakers class and possibly since I first stepped into a first grade classroom.  I LOVED it.  I felt so privileged to be allowed into their world.  Everyone was so friendly and so appreciative and it hit me that a lot of people probably could not do what I do.  It is going to be a tough road as they are dealing with issues I know very little about, but when I posted it onto my facebook page I had three people respond that day, they were living with Parkinson's or a parent was dealing with it.  And one of the ladies who came to the class, is in one of my other classes.  I am so blessed to get to do what I do and some days I am so humbled that God would allow me to do it.

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Mrs. Jenk said...

I'm so proud of you- Marcus and I were just talking about it takes special people to be patient and loving with seniors and you are just that person! Love that God made it a fun "paid" passion for you!