Thursday, September 26, 2013

ancient sand drawings

We are studying the ancient times in Story of the World and we recently began studying the Americas, including Native Americans in South, Central and North America.  I think history is becoming my favorite part of our studies b/c there is so much I don't remember or never learned about our past.  This past studies I had never even heard of the Nazca lines in South America.  The girls had fun drawing pictures with a white crayon on white paper.  The Nazca people drew massive illustrations on the ground that no one knew existed until a plane flew overhead in the 20th century and saw a monkey carved into the landscape.  We made sand paintings like the North American Indians by dying salt.  The girls drew simple illustrations and then used gluesticks to adhere the colored salt to their drawings.  LE created a pumpkin and Boo, a bunny.

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