Tuesday, April 02, 2013

strawberry fields forever

The kids and I have been traveling to the grandparents a little more frequently to give Daddy a chance to work on the movie.  Last weekend, the kids and I met Mimi, Aunt Rissa and Granny in Marble Falls to pick strawberries for our yearly supply of Mimi's jelly.  The kids had fun finding the reddest strawberries and HR and Granny enjoyed hanging in the shade.  After we gathered our berries, we met at my favorite fast food restaurant, Taco Casa.  I resisted the urge for my favorite cheesy- goodness meal, the chilada and instead scraped the "stuff" off a tostada for a salad, but I could not resist their sweet tea. It is hands down the best tea on the planet, besides the Neal Family Sweet Tea.  I have recently passed a milestone on the scales and hoping to never see a 3 in the tens' place again.

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Marissa said...

So much fun! I love the pictures!