Friday, February 24, 2017

Space snacks

 For astronomy we had an experiment to make edible rovers. That's my kind of experiment.

My mom came home one day from the gym, and she had bought graham crackers, Oreos, and frosting. She never buys these things. We then had the task of frosting 2 graham crackers together, then waiting for it to dry. Then there was putting the wheels (Oreos) on our "rovers" and decorating. We already had many different types of candy, so Mom didn't need to buy any decorations. Only one of my wheels stayed attached to the graham crackers, the rest fell. My satellite fell over and even my chair backrest wouldn't stay upright. So I made the excuse my rover was destroyed by martians. My siblings' rovers all turn out how they had wanted them. I was happier with what I had. Have you ever heard someone say something is too perfect to eat? I could eat my rover without any guilt.  

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