Monday, November 07, 2016

Happy Birthday Boo

Oh, you my spunky girl.
This year, you have seemed to discover yourself.  You really enjoyed being in the drama classes and seem to blossomed in that role.  You have become more interested in art and your creative side consistently amazes us.  God has blessed you with a gift through your creative spirit.
You love to cook, but I am little scared of your ability to mix flavors.
You love animals, especially dogs.
I wish you knew how incredibly loved and special you are.  I think you sometimes question that.
God has amazing plans for you and I cannot wait to see the lady God has called you to be.

Favorite subject- cooking/baking
Favorite food- Italian meatballs
Favorite book- Magic Tree House series and the Who Was...series
Favorite movie- Nightmare Before Christmas
Best friend- Angela (friend from down the street)

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