Friday, October 07, 2016

unscheduled appendectomy

It has been a rough week, Ben had to teach for me on Tuesday b/c I had a UTI.  I thought I was going to take a couple of days off to recoup, but after coaching for me, Ben came home feeling crummy.  On Wednesday, he woke up feeling worse complaining of a pain in his side.  The kids and I went to the library so he could get some rest and that afternoon I drove to the gym to let another coach in to lead class for me. On my way, Ben called and said he could not stop throwing up.  I came back home and took him to the ER.  As we suspected, he had appendicitis and would need an appendectomy that evening.
I am so grateful for our neighbors and friends who were able to take the kids, and another friend for bringing us dinner.  He was discharged that evening, and it has been slow and go for a few days, but he is getting stronger and feeling better.

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