Thursday, March 17, 2016

pioneer girl

Over spring break, LE and Paw Paw went to the Southwestern Regional Rendezvous.  They stayed in Paw Paw's tipi and LE said it was the best rendezvous yet.
One of the biggest surprises was when I got to see my pen pal Gracie again.  I haven't seen her in two years.  We went to kids' games, did the gold scavenger hunt and play hide and seek.
Me and Paw Paw did everything together.  We did the tomahawk and knife throw.  I watched some of his gun competitions.
I won forty trader bucks for first place in hawk and knife throwing (twice). I won first place in fire starting. I cashed in my trader bucks for necklace and bracelet for Boo, a pitcher for my mom, a coffee mug for Dad, toy gun and holsters for my brothers.  I got a new dress, anklet and a top game and a chicken game for both Mimi and I.  I gave my friend Gracie a necklace and one for her sister.
One of my favorite kids' games was the gold rush.  Our teachers told us about the gold rush in California.  During the night, our teachers spread gold painted rocks around the campsite and whoever found the most won a prize.  I found the most gold, 1,628 pieces, I won a toy gun for finding the most pieces and I found a gold and silver golf ball and the prize was a real bottle of gold (flakes).  I cannot wait till the next rendezvous.  

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