Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New hobby? Geocaching

I was recently searching for cheap date ideas around town and found an idea of geocaching around downtown to find all of the murals.  I have heard about geocaching as it is popular among home schoolers, but was not exactly sure what it was.  After some research, the girls and I decided it sounded like a fun project.  The premise is to log into the geocaching website and locate nearby geocaches which have been previously hidden.  You then use the coordinates to get within twenty feet of the hidden cache and then you use clues to locate it.  Our first search led us to our neighborhood park.  The hidden cache was the size of a film canister.  It was not easy to locate and we had to use a cheat to finally find it hiding in a sprinkler drain.  We have been on a couple more searches, but hoping now that summer is upon us, we might be able to take up the hobby a little more seriously.

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