Saturday, November 09, 2013

movie party for a seven year old

Boo wanted a movie-themed or swimming party this year for her birthday.  Being as the weather is usually a little unpredictable in November she opted for the movie party.  The movie Monsters University came out the week of her birthday, so that was our entertainment.  We enjoyed pizzas, popcorn and a concession stand filled with Halloween candy.  The kids walked the red carpet upon arrival and Boo and LE made the walk of fame on our drive-way for each of the invited guests.  I made huge brownie points with friends who got a four-hour date night.  One grateful mom even brought us a bottle of wine.
Mimi made the Monsters University inspired #7 cake to look like Sully with Mike Wazowski cake balls.  The kids got to decorate cupcakes with edible eyes and candy pieces to make their own monsters to take home.  And her friend Blythe, and cousin Emmie got to sleep over.  Thank you everyone for making her birthday so special.

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