Monday, July 08, 2013

children in history

A friend emailed me Sunday morning to tell us Zilker park was hosting a children in history day at the Botanical Gardens.  It was titled Kirsten finds a Honey Tree.  The girls and I decided we would endure the 97 degree temps to check it out.  They advertised butter making, pioneer snacks,  crafts including making a straw hat for your doll, the Swedish pioneer cottage would be open and there was a hunt through the gardens to locate the honey trees (like Kirsten did in the American Girl book).  Let's just say the events were a tad exaggerated.  I should not complain since the girls both said they enjoyed themselves, but it was pushing 100 degrees and... Butter was attempted to be made in a Rubbermaid container, we scoured the entire botanical gardens for three hollow trees (on our own, no map) that would be good for making a bee hive.  They made a tiny bouquet for their dolls' hats out of rosemary and oregano and the snack was a cracker with the butter (that the lady made earlier in the day).  AND THEN, we HAD to go across the street b/c there were Kaya games being played at the pool (ie. additional $5 in parking, so we walked across the street since we already had paid admission to the Botanical Gardens).  We did play some fun games but the advertised teepee stood at less than 5 feet tall.  I admit I fell for the American Girl name, but the list of events sounded like something right up the girls' alley.  I will not be falling for that one again.

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