Monday, March 04, 2013

first zoo trip 2013

We recently took our first zoo trip of the year to our favorite zoo.  The day was full of some great memories.  Boo and R2 were checking out the spider monkeys, while two ROUS' were getting a little too frisky in the pond. Boo says look "they are like Mommy and Daddy on a date."  What??!?!!?  "Yeah, those two monkeys are cuddling like you and Daddy."  Oh, thank God.
While we were checking out the elephants, he decided to raise his tail and pass gas in our direction, yeah, that was funny.  Especially since R2's new word is "bo-bo toot". While we were visiting the lions, he decided to stand his ground at Boo and began to ruff and roar while staring her down.  Yeah, that was cool.  I thought I was recording it, but turns out my phone memory was full, that won't happen again.  

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Cari said...

We LOVE the zoo!